Welcome, welcome to my story.


“Everybody has a story. And there is something to be learned from every experience. Use your life, as a class.”

- Oprah Winfrey

It is far from perfect, but it’s where I am today. You know what I’m talking about? When you are standing in a moment but you’re also caught up in what it “should” be or what it “could” be if only you had more time, resources, and blah blah blah. Before long, you’re shoulding and coulding all over yourself. Before long—the opportunity has slipped away. The moment is gone. I’m doing my best to step away from that, as that energy serves no one. So, here I am. Darrien Jamar, sharing my story with you…the world. It is my intention that my messy-beautiful story might inspire and nudge you forward. I’d love to get to know you, your story. Let’s connect. Take your time, search around!


Darrien Jamar


"Courageous Conversations was a powerful experience for me — even more so than I anticipated. Dr. Darrien designed and facilitated a process that framed discussion without boxing anyone in."

-Kerstin T., Season 1 CC participant

"Courageous conversations helped me gain assurance that what I’m doing on my journey is correct.”

-Season 1 CC participant

“Through courageous conversations I gained interesting insights and perspective from the group discussions; targeted feedback and concrete next steps from the 1:1 session.”

-Season 1 CC participant

“Courageous conversations helped me gain a new, positive perspective on life and I learned the importance of my why.”

-Season 1 CC participant

“Courageous conversations gave me reassurance that I’m aligning myself with like-minded people who have growth (spiritual, emotional) as a priority in their lives. I gained some insights on how to approach negative thoughts that I know will be timelessly useful.”

-Season 1 CC participant

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